Commending State Auditor, Shad White

Press Release: For Immediate Release

The Libertarian Party of Mississippi applauds actions of State Auditor

The Libertarian Party of Mississippi Executive Committee applauds the valiant actions of Shad White, the state auditor for Mississippi.

Through White’s term as state auditor, he and his team of forensic accountants and law enforcement members have caught a vast amount of government employees from city and county municipalities all the way up to state agencies who have either stolen taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars or have been neglectful in their government positions paid for by taxpayer’s hard-earned money.

His team’s tireless non-partisan efforts have discovered, recovered and returned millions of dollars misappropriated by these government employees.

The Libertarian Party of Mississippi’s executive committee would like to publicly cheer White’s efforts and announce that we consider him a champion of the people.

For more information regarding the amazing work White and his team are doing to save Mississippi tax dollars, please go to:

If you are aware of public (taxpayer dollars) funds that are being wasted or stolen, please file a report:

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