Congressional Candidate makes historic vow

Hattiesburg, Ms- June 2, 2016-
Fellow Mississippians,
I am reaching out to you today for your support. It is a long road to November and I’ll need your help the whole way to unseat Congressman Palazzo while disrupting the corrupt “two party system”. I can only do this if you’re behind me.

Know that if you support me as your US Representative, I will be someone that Washington is not prepared for. I will work to take the power back from the established political entities, both Democratic and Republican. No matter which side of the aisle you are on, there is an established group that controls both.

One of the most pronounced areas in which greed and waste are prevalent is our military industrial complex. Far too many opportunists make extraordinary profit on the backs of our nation’s finest. It is no secret that when we are at war, we spend more money and unfortunately in the wrong ways.

However, the worst part is when America’s bravest find themselves in nothing more than a politically motivated engagement. I aim to stop unnecessary war efforts and I also intend to make sure that Congress does not live by a different set of rules than those who put them in office.

If I can’t prevent a war, you can bet I’ll lead our service members to the sound of battle if a group of men in suits decides it is necessary. I will not sit idly by while I strip young men and women from their families using nothing more than the stroke of a pen from a comfortable desk in DC.

I pledge that if there is an engagement in which I feel cannot be avoided, I will volunteer my service to whichever Mississippi military unit goes first and then be put on a deployment cycle.

To be clear, regardless of my vote, if the Congress as a whole chooses to send our young men and women into harm’s way, I will be going with them. It will be the decision of that commander to put me in whatever capacity he sees fit regardless if it is on the end of a weapon or simply administrative duties.

At the very least, I will feel the pain of being away from my loved ones just like our brave men and women. I promise not to senselessly waste yours or your children’s lives. I’ve been to war. I’ve seen it’s devastation to both our troops and their families. It is an ugly reality that many of our politicians do not comprehend and refuse to face. Even winning has its irreconcilable costs.

Support me in the upcoming election and I’ll fight for you in DC or abroad if necessary. I’m a fighter, a real fighter, and if you want to disrupt the political machine in this country, send me to Washington, DC.

Aaron Barksdale
1636 Popps Ferry Road
Suite M1
D’iberville, MS 39540

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