MSLP Opinion on Legislation

 If you have a specific bill you’d like the Mississippi Libertarian Party to comment on, click here to send us the bill number. You can find all Mississippi House and Senate bill numbers here. To search for bill numbers in the US House and Senate, click here.

 The MSLP Rule of Thumb:

 If the legislation increases taxes; takes property without consent; centralizes economic or political power in anyone other than the individual; limits personal or family choices; removes personal, corporate, or government accountability; mandates the purchase of a product or service; increases the size, power, or scope of government; creates more non-violent criminals out of harmless people; violates property rights; subsidizes an industry; invades individual privacy; exports more warfare to countries that haven’t harmed us; restricts an individual’s natural right to self determination or personal defense; marginalizes people because of their personal choices, actions, or circumstances; manipulates, uses force, interferes, or restricts the voluntary interactions between peaceful people; or in any way attempts to separate an individual’s personal freedom from the individual’s economic freedom… the Libertarian Party of Mississippi opposes it.

If the legislation helps restore or retain every individual’s natural right to interact freely and peacefully in unobstructed markets with other individuals so long as one individual doesn’t use force or fraud against another… the Libertarian Party of Mississippi supports it.

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