The Libertarian Party of Mississippi, its county affiliates, and candidates rely heavily on the manpower of the volunteer. Voluntary interaction is at the core of libertarian principles.

If you would like to help out one of our campaigns, head over to the Candidates section and contact them. They will appreciate all the help that is offered.

If you would like a more “general” and local approach, click on our Counties link and see if your home county has been set up and if so, when they meet. If they haven’t been set up yet and there is a county near you, feel free to visit an affiliate and see what an affiliate does. We are certainly seeking volunteers to set up local affiliates.

Other work that can be done is assisting with fundraising, membership outreach, creating social media posts, mentoring the Youth, writing articles for the website and letters to the editor, helping to plan the State Party Annual Convention, video creation, local volunteer work in the name of the local Libertarian affiliate, candidate campaign assistance, or anything you can think of that you would like to present to your local affiliate or the Executive Committee as an idea for work.

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