Liberty Resources

Liberty Resources

Although the the ideas of libertarianism don’t easily fit onto a bumper sticker (like other unprincipled ideologies), the principle of individual liberty and economic freedom is incredibly easy to understand. Once you understand and embrace liberty, we’re sure you’ll feel compelled to share it with others.

Dig through the links below. We promise you’ll find new topics that challenge any collectivist/statist ideas you may have. Find a liberty-minded activism or discussion group in your community and discover how people are willing to come together, without the force of government, to peacefully solve society’s problems.

If you have a website, an organization, or another libertarian resource you think should be on this page, feel free to contact us and we may post it.

Educate Yourself First

Liberty Classroom by Tom Woods

Like-Minded Liberty Groups

 Campaign For Liberty

 Young Americans for Liberty

 Students for Liberty

Organizations that Promote Individual Liberty

 CATO Institute

 The Future of Freedom Foundation

 Foundation for Economic Education

 Ludwig von Mises Institute

 Reason Magazine

 Reason TV

 The Advocates for Self-Government

Liberty Blogs & Commentary

 Lew Rockwell Blog & Podcast

 FreeTalkLive Radio

Education, Schooling, and Children

 The Alliance for the Separation of School and State

 #1 Homeschooling Community

 Home School Legal Defense Association

Personal Protection and the 2nd Amendment

 Gun Owners of America

 National Rifle Association

Know Your Rights

 Fully Informed Jury Association


 Flex Your Rights

War & Foreign Policy

 Iraq Veterans Against War


Prohibition of Drugs & Alcohol

 Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

 Raise Your Pints Mississippi

“Government Approved” Health Insurance Alternatives

 Samaritan Ministries


Government Research

 See the Spending for Mississippi’s Government

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