MSLP Annual Convention Highlights

On February 27, 2016, voting delegates of the Libertarian Party of Mississippi met at the Annual Convention in Biloxi, MS, at the Beau Rivage Casino & Resort.  Aside from the usual actions of voting for officers and delegates, Chairman Barksdale was able to change the By-Laws to expand the Executive Committee.

The By-Laws (adopted April 2011) limited the Executive Committee to three officers.  These are the only three officers recognized by the Secretary of State of the State of Mississippi.  Chairman Barksdale spoke on the importance of growing the Executive Committee and how it relates to the growth of the Libertarian Party of Mississippi.

By-Laws Changes

The following changes were made:

  • The position of Secretary-Treasurer was split into two separate offices.
  • Eliminate one of the At-Large Representative positions
  • Bring the Congressional District Representatives and the remaining At-Large Representative into the Executive Committee.

With these changes made, the Executive Committee grew from 3 officers to 9 officers.  All 9 of these officers will have the authority to appoint interim county affiliate executive officers.  This will enable the Libertarian Party of Mississippi to grow at a faster pace.

Election of Officers

With the expansion of the Executive Committee, Chairman Barksdale reminded all that these are positions now come with more responsibility.




Aaron Barksdale – Aaron returns as Chairman for another year. Father of 2 (Skylor-13, Aubrie -6) and Husband to Jessica, Aaron came to the Libertarian Party from the Conservative TEA Party movement off-shoot of the GOP. “As I watched the political landscape shift, I quickly realized that neither party represents my political views.”


Denise Cranford


Joshua Hardy – Born in Pascagoula, MS and a lifelong resident of Jackson County. Served 10 years in the Air Force. Joshua became a Libertarian when he realized that Ronald Reagan had more in common with Lyndon B Johnson than he had with any founding father. Realizing that the Republican Party exists for no other reason to conserve the Socialist policies that the Democratic Party establishes, Joshua realized that he could not with a clear conscience be a part of the downfall of the greatest country in the history of this planet. This led to a campaign for MS House District 109 in 2015, which led to garnering 12% of the vote.


Sheri Bedwell – Born and raised in Northeast, MS. She is married to former MSLP Chairman, Danny Bedwell. They reside in Columbus with their lovely daughter, Caroline. Sheri became a Libertarian once she realized that voting for the lesser of two evils was no longer a viable option. The Libertarian Party is the only Party that will drastically reduce the role, scope and size of our government and restore personal freedom.

Congressional District 1 Representative

Vance Justice Vance Justice has been a libertarian for as long as he can remember and an LP member since 1995. Though born and raised in south Mississippi, he has resided in Lafayette County for the past 31 years. Vance is married to Alison Kinnaman, the current LCLP chair, and has two children (Emily – 31, Alan – 27). He has been described in official court documents by the Mississippi Attorney General as an ‘experienced political activist’.

Congressional District 2 Representative

Jack Gannon

Congressional District 3 Representative

Jon Withers

Congressional District 4 Representative

Jeff MortensonJeff is the District 4 Representative and elected Chair of the State delegation to the LP National Convention. He and his wife (Merilee) are members of the Jackson County Libertarian Party. Jeff came to the LP several years ago because he saw a fiscally conservative GOP ran into the ground by “tax and spend” Republicans who valued control over Liberty. Jeff credits a very dear (deceased) liberal friend, BJ Hook, and (then MSLP Chairman) Danny Bedwell for “converting” him to “The Party of Principle”.

State At-Larger Representative

Regina Brim

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