Open Letter to Representative Palazzo, MSGOP Chair Nosef


To Congressman Palazzo and Chairman Nosef;

On October 26, 2016, at 6:30 PM, the University of Southern Mississippi will be hosting a Candidate Debate for the 4th Congressional District US House of Representative race at the Thad Cochran Center.  Both the Democratic nominee, Mark Gladney, and the Libertarian Party nominee, Ric McCluskey have agreed to attend.  Chairman Nosef, we encourage you to encourage Rep. Palazzo to attend this event.

Representative Palazzo, in the previous election cycles, you have refused to attend any debates that have attempted to be set up within your district.  The writing on the wall is there, the people of your district are getting frustrated with your lack of commitment to them.  You refuse to answer your constituents and claim that DC is not Mississippi and certain rules do not apply inside the beltway.

Your recent support for a bill that uses the guise of public health regarding the Zika virus also included continuing financial support of Planned Parenthood, something that you have repeatedly said you would work to stop funding.  Your constituents are looking for someone else.  Let me remind you, you work for us, the people of MS Congressional District 4, you have an obligation to explain your decisions to your constituents.  You have an obligation to defend your actions to the people.

You are invited and encouraged to participate in this event.  Your absence will be noted and will continue to reflect your apathy toward your people.  Please consider attending the event, your people want to hear what you have to say.

Aaron Barksdale
Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Mississippi

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